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The CMO network

Health: Our Business II

Health: Our BusinessThe global Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) Network is a group of world-leading clinicians, powered by Bupa, which is committed to bringing about a lasting improvement to the world’s health.

Together, they can leverage their combined insight, experience and global reach to solve some of the world’s biggest health problems - namely heart disease, cancer, diabetes and mental health - through workplace health initiatives. The network comprises of Chief Medical Officers from some of the world’s most innovative businesses, such as GSK, Unilever, Intel and Walmart, who have collective responsibility of a workforce of over eight million people.

To bring about significant, scalable and sustained improvements in workplace health, the network is focusing on behaviour change.

The network has compiled its second report, Health: Our Business II, which shares case studies from the corporate world, how businesses are putting health and wellbeing into action.

A copy of the first report on the recommended methods of workplace health initiatives is also available here.