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Supporting people living and working with cancer

Supporting people living and working with cancer

With the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) we have developed several guides for businesses to support employers and employees who are living and working with cancer.


Working with cancerWorking with cancer

Thanks to the advances that have been made in cancer diagnosis and treatment, more people than ever before are surviving cancer. This guide offers advice from around the world to employers on how to implement comprehensive frameworks and a supportive culture for cancer survivors returning to work.


Cancer - it’s everyone’s business

Cancer - it's everyone's businessPromoting good health in and through the workplace is not just good for people, but good for business. It helps ensure companies have a fit and productive workforce, which will allow them to compete more effectively, develop better products and services, and sustain their long-term success. It will also reduce sickness absence and healthcare costs to the business itself. In fact, investing in health promotion is probably one of the most important investments a company can make.

You can download your copy here.


Tackling breast cancer

Tackling breast cancer in the workplace

This guide offers information for best practice workplace policies that will support positive behaviours that reduce the risk of breast cancer, and guidance on how to support employees who are living and working with cancer.

You can download your copy here.


Less smoking, better business

A practical toolkit for employers, this guide is designed to support you to implement a quit smoking initiative as part of a wider employee health programme.

You can download your copy here.


Investing in the health of women at work 

Investing in the Health of Women guideThe high burden of breast and cervical cancers in low-resource settings is largely unrecognised. Women in low-resource settings suffer disproportionately from these cancers due to a
lack of detection at an early stage and poor access to quality cancer services. 

This Investing in the Health of Women at Work guide has been produced to assist employers to understand the value of investing in workplace solutions that empower women to reduce their risk of cancer and detect it early, as well as support women with a cancer diagnosis to return to work. The resource provides guidance on proven workplace interventions for tackling breast and cervical cancers, as well as best practice examples to help employers create a programme that meets the comprehensive health needs of women in their workforce.


Improving the health of families, friends and communities

There are real benefits in reaching out to employees’ families and communities on ways to prevent cancer and detect it early. This Improving the Health of Families, Friends and Communities guide looks at the initiatives that can help these people to change their habits and make healthier choices, because people who feel supported are far more likely to sustain positive habits for a lifetime of health and wellbeing.