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A dementia friendly society

Looking ahead to 2030, the number of people with dementia is estimated to increase to 74.7 million.

With ageing populations and the number of people living with dementia set to rise everywhere, especially in low and middle income countries, dementia is a truly global challenge. 2015 marked a critical stage in the journey towards a future where people understand dementia – affecting 46.8 million people worldwide – including how they can reduce their risk, and helping those living with dementia to live well.

By 2030, living well with dementia can be a reality, but only if governments and societies make it an urgent priority. Faced with the social and economic challenge of ageing populations, and the fact that more people will stay longer in work and alongside duties of care, we have a global need for a dementia-friendly society.

Read our report, 2030 – A vision for a dementia-friendly society (pdf, 9.5 MB)

We have developed a series of infographics, examining how the different elements of society can develop in to dementia-friendly environments. 

Dementia overview

To find out more about each of the areas in the infographic, please click on the links below: