Aged care and dementia - putting the Person First

We provide person-centred care and support for over 22,900 people in our care homes and retirement villages in the UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

Person first care

Person First: The Bupa approach to aged care and dementia

We are experts in aged care, caring for older people in care homes and retirement villages in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. With approximately three-quarters of residents living with dementia, we are the leading international provider of specialist dementia care.

We want to set the standard for person-centred care and be recognised as a global leader in helping older people and people living with dementia to live well.

At the heart of this is our Person First approach, which puts the individual and their needs first. It covers everything from quality of care to quality of life – it’s about making an emotional connection with people in our care homes, as well as tending to their physical care needs.

Our Person First approach is especially important for people with dementia, but is relevant to the way we care for anyone with care needs. We’re putting this approach into practice in our own care homes, retirement villages, and aged care services across the world.

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