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In April 2013, we acquired LUX MED, Poland’s largest private healthcare provider which runs businesses in health funding and provision all over the country. LUX MED is a leader in integrated private healthcare delivery, serving customers and patients.

Products and services in Poland

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    Corporate health care plans

Conducted as a branch of the Swedish insurance company, LMG Forsakrings AB under the name of LUX MED Insurance, we provide health insurance products and services for both individuals and corporate clients.

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International health insurance for individuals, families and businesses wanting the highest level of cover provided by Bupa, with rich benefits and direct access to premium services and medical providers – at home and wherever in the world you choose to be covered.

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Our benefits include:

  • Comprehensive range of health care plans for you and your family

  • Convenient and affordable access to healthcare through an extensive range of medical services catering to different needs, from the youngest children to the elderly

  • Discounts on all other medical services provided by LUX MED Group

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Flexible and tailor-made health care plans for companies of different sizes.

Our benefits include:

  • Comprehensive solutions to meet various needs of employees of all ages

  • Possibility to extend medical care to the employees’ families

  • Client's personal assistant

  • Patient e-card

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About our business in Poland

LUX MED has a national network of around 200 health centres, including outpatient facilities, diagnostic centres, hospitals, and a large nursing and residential care home.

Watch the grand opening of LUX MED’s Magodent oncology hospital in Warsaw. Opened in April 2017, the hospital provides comprehensive oncology treatment and therapeutic assistance.