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Our organisation

Our business model

With no shareholders, our starting point is our customers. They are at the heart of everything we do in delivering our purpose of helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Business model

We generate value for:

  • Our customers: as a company without shareholders, our customers are our focus.
  • Our employees: we employ over 78,000 people, principally in the UK, Australia, Spain, Poland, Chile, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the USA, Brazil, the Middle East and Ireland. We also have associate businesses in Saudi Arabia and India.
  • Our partners: we work with a wide range of partners including other health providers, brokers, distributors, partners in other associate businesses, and joint ventures.
  • Society: we want to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, delivering quality services, contributing to economies and taking care of our social and environmental responsibilities.

How we are organised

Bupa is organised across four Market Units:

Australia and New Zealand

  • Bupa Health Insurance, with four million customers, is the leading health insurance provider in Australia and also offers health insurance for overseas workers and visitors.
  • Bupa Health Services is a health provision business, comprising dental, optical, audiology, medical assessment services, and therapy.
  • Bupa Villages and Aged Care Australia and New Zealand is the largest privately-owned residential aged care provider in Australia, caring for around 6,900 residents across 72 homes. It is also a leading aged care provider in New Zealand, caring for around 3,600 people a year in 49 homes, and also supporting customers in 30 retirement villages and seven rehabilitation sites.

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  • Bupa UK Insurance is the UK’s leading health insurer, offering health insurance to 2.2 million people.
  • Bupa Dental Care is the leading provider of private dentistry in the UK, with over two million patients and over 470 practices.
  • Bupa Care Services cares for around 6,600 people each year in around 135 homes, and seven Richmond retirement villages and 20 Goldsborough Estates retirement and assisted-living properties.
  • Bupa Health Services comprises around 50 wellness centres and health clinics, and the Bupa Cromwell Hospital, a complex care hospital in London providing care for insured, self-pay, NHS and international patients.

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Europe and Latin America

  • Sanitas Seguros is the second largest health insurance provider in Spain.
  • Sanitas Hospitales and New Services comprises four private hospitals, 33 private medical clinics and two public-private partnerships in Spain, as well as other health services.
  • Sanitas Dental provides dental insurance services through 181 centres and third-party networks in Spain.
  • Sanitas Mayores cares for around 5,800 people every year in 46 care homes and three day care centres in Spain.
  • LUX MED is the largest private healthcare business in Poland, with seven hospitals, 196 private clinics and one care home.
  • Bupa Chile is a leading health insurer and provider with four hospitals and 39 medical clinics.

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International Markets

  • Bupa Global serves 850,000 international health insurance (IPMI) customers and administers travel insurance and medical assistance for individuals, small businesses and corporate customers.
  • Bupa Arabia, in which Bupa has a 39.25% stake, is the largest health insurance business in Saudi Arabia, with over 3 million customers.
  • Bupa Hong Kong is a health insurance specialist in Hong Kong, with over 400,000 customers, and Quality HealthCare is Hong Kong’s leading private clinic network in the territory.
  • Max Bupa, with 1.9 million customers, is a leading private health insurer in India in which Bupa holds a 49% stake.
  • Bupa China is our representative office and has an integrated medical centre.

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Global Functions

Our global functions are: Medical, People, Information Services & Technology, Finance & Governance, Strategy, Customer & Corporate Affairs and Legal. 

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