Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Our purpose – longer, healthier, happier lives – guides everything we do. 

Workplace health

With half of the world’s population in employment, and many people working longer than ever before, the workplace is an area where businesses can help millions of people to improve their health, from creating a safe working environment to reduce the risk of injury and illness, to taking a holistic approach to wellbeing, and empowering them to adopt healthier lifestyles.


Wellbeing is about more than just diet and exercise; it is about everything you need to be at your best, mentally and physically – from rewarding relationships to financial stability, and recognition and autonomy at work. 

CMO Network

The CMO Network

The global Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) Network is a group of world-leading clinicians, powered by Bupa, which is committed to bringing about a lasting improvement to the world’s health.

Together, they can leverage their combined insight, experience and global reach to solve some of the world’s biggest health problems through workplace health initiatives. 

The network comprises Chief Medical Officers from some of the world’s most innovative businesses who have collective responsibility of a workforce of over eight million people.



Smile is our global approach to health and wellbeing. We have programmes in place all over the world to engage our people with their health and wellbeing, and support them to be at their best – in work and outside of it.

We recognise that what matters most for our wellbeing is different for each of us and Smile is a dynamic concept, adapting to what matters the most to our own people.

Health and wellbeing in our markets