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Our organisation

Our organisational structure

Our business is managed through four markets units enabled through global functions:

Australia and New Zealand

  • Bupa Health Insurance, with 4.5 million customers is the leading health insurance provider in Australia, which also offers health insurance for overseas workers and visitors.
  • Bupa Health Services, a health provision business, which comprises Bupa Dental, Bupa Optical, Bupa Medical Visa Services, Bupa Medical TeleHealth and Bupa Medical GP Clinics
  • Bupa Aged Care Australia, the largest privately-owned residential aged care provider, caring for almost 11,000 residents each year across 70 homes.
  • Bupa Care Services New Zealand, a leading aged care provider, caring for around 24,000 people a year in 60 homes, 32 retirement villages, seven rehabilitation sites and through a personal medical alarm network.

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  • Bupa Health Insurance, offering health insurance and health funding products to over 4 million customers 
  • Bupa Care Services, caring for around 43,000 people each year in 283 homes and 27 retirement villages
  • Bupa Health Clinics, wellness centres, clinics, occupational health services and dental clinics 

  • Bupa Cromwell Hospital, complex care hospital in London, providing care for insured, self-pay and international patients.

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Europe and Latin America

  • Sanitas Seguros, the second largest health insurance provider in Spain
  • Sanitas Hospitales and New Services, four private hospitals, 34 private medical clinics and two PPPs in Spain
  • Sanitas Dental, dental insurance services through 184 centres and third-party networks in Spain
  • Sanitas Mayores, caring for around 9,000 people every year in 39 care homes and three day care centres in Spain
  • LUX MED, the largest private healthcare business in Poland operating in health funding and provision, with seven hospitals and 173 private clinics
  • Bupa Chile, a leading health insurer and provider with three hospitals and 37 medical clinics.

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International Markets

  • Bupa Global, international health insurance, travel insurance and medical assistance provided worldwide to individuals, small businesses and global corporate customers. Bupa Global offers customers a global healthcare solution supported across five regions:
    • Bupa Global Greater China
    • Bupa Global Middle East, Africa and India
    • Bupa Global Latin America - including Care Plus in Brazil
    • Bupa Global North America - responsible for our 49% investment in Highway to Health, Inc. in the USA and the strategic global partnership with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield® Association
    • Bupa Global Europe
  • Bupa Arabia, an associate company in which we have a 26.25% stake, and the largest health insurance business in Saudi Arabia
  • Max Bupa, an associate between Bupa and Max India Limited, in which Bupa holds a 49% stake, offering private medical insurance
  • Bupa Hong Kong, a leading specialist private health insurer in Hong Kong
  • Quality HealthCare, a leading private clinic network in Hong Kong
  • Bupa Thailand, a leading specialist health insurer
  • Bupa China, the Group's representative office in China.

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Global Functions

Our global functions are: Medical, People, Information Services & Technology, Finance & Governance, Strategy, Brand & Corporate Affairs and Legal. 

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