Dr Annabel Bentley

Dr Annabel Bentley

Medical Director

Bupa Health Funding


Media Experience:
TV, Radio, Print, Online

Bupa UK

E: bupapressoffice@bupa.com
T: +44 207 656 2454

She is available for comment on:

Health and lifestyle

Cancer and chronic diseases

Surgery, new drugs and medical devices

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)

Evidence-based medicine (EBM)

Patient-orientated evidence

Shared decision making

Patient decision aids

E-health, mobile apps and social media

Health myths


About Dr Annabel Bentley:

A leading expert in consumer health issues

Can explain complex medical topics in plain language

Special interests in health risk communication and disruptive innovation

Lead the development  of patient information for the Bupa group

Member of the Department of Health's working group for the Information Standard

Trained as a surgeon, obtaining Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS)

Experience in A&E, general surgery, cardiothoracics, orthopaedics and plastic surgery


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